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Next Gen CoilGuard Digital Ribbon Cable

18167-dr-h2-0-sr-10mCoilGuard Display ConnectorCoilGuard Source Connector

Stainless Steel Reinforced Digital Ribbon Cable

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The Next Generation Digital Ribbon Cables with CoilGuard™ utilize a proprietary technology to allow high speed and high definition HDMI signal transmission over distances of up to 328 ft. The CoilGuard™ is suitable for rough service and a short term load limit of 2000N/100mm (450lbs./4").
Digital Ribbon CoilGuard™ cables can easily handle up to 4k 60Hz 4:4:4 HDR uncompressed HDMI video and are ARC compatible. The cables meet HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 testing standards and support DDC for HDCP and EDID, PCM, Dolby, DTS-HD, and True HD Audio.





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The connector shells are labeled "source" and "display" to aid in proper connection during the installation. Both the cable and connector were designed to easily fit within a 1" conduit.

CoilGuard Steel Reinforced inside updated CoilGuard Knight

This durable cable is fitted with a stainless steel reinforced inner jacket and a discreet outer black jacket that allows the cable to withstand rough service during and to blend in after installation.

These hybrid fiber/copper cables deliver a speed of 18 Gbps video bandwidth. The advanced technology doesn't stop there with the use of four glass fibers, seven copper wires and no external power needed to supply the embedded circuitry at both ends of the cable - saving space and money.

The cables come pre-terminated in convenient lengths. See the chart below for available sizes. 
Item NumberPart NumberLength MetersLength Feet
18167 DR-H2.0-SR-10M BLK CBL 10 33
18168 DR-H2.0-SR-15M BLK CBL 15 50
18169 DR-H2.0-SR-23M BLK CBL 23 75
18170 DR-H2.0-SR-30M BLK CBL 30 100
18171 DR-H2.0-SR-50M BLK CBL 50 165
18172 DR-H2.0-SR-70M BLK CBL 70 230
18173 DR-H2.0-SR-100M BLK CBL 100 328