mud-2g- full access mud ring – 5/8” deep 3.86”x 2.86” opening

Full Access Mud Ring w/ 3.86”x 2.86” Opening

*Maximize your openings on your 4" square electrical boxes to stop those costly fit problems and delays*

The MUD-2G is an extra wide 4" mud ring with square corners for mounting active electronic devices. The MUD-2G was designed to make the installation of the FSR Flex control system and HDBaseT wall plate transmitter easier. The mud ring will fit both formed and stamped 4" square electrical boxes manufactured by the leading electrical part suppliers.

mud 2g 50 render sm mud 2g 63 render sm

1/2" Depth

5/8" Depth

The mud ring is available in 1/2" and 5/8" models. Both models feature a unique open frame design that increases the usable area over the standard stamped 2-gang cover.

The MUD-2G Mud Rings are the perfect installation accessories when using all AV interfaces, control devices and input plates.