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PoE to USB Chargers


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17320, 17402, 17401
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Using FSR's PoE to USB chargers, you can power and charge USB devices such as an iPad® from a POE-Ethernet drop without the need for AC line power. The IT-CHRG-P2U cube style cube model can be mounted in a 2-gang wall box behind an FSR wall mount or other wall mounted USB devices. Both units emulate the Apple charging circuit to avoid annoying pop-ups. The IT-WPCHRG-P2U Decora style models fit directly into a standard gang box and are available with white and black cover plates.

The PoE to USB chargers will operate and charge the iPAD®, iPOD®, iPHONE® and most other USB powered devices. The output side is rated at 5VDC@2A/10W and both models derive ample power from a standard POE network connection.

Note: The IT-CHRG-P2U provides power only - no network connectivity via the Apple charging port is permitted due to limitations in the iOS operating system.

Key Features:

  • Powers/chargers USB devices without an AC line
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 and power switch requirements
  • Universal USB charge
  • Power "ON" indicator
  • A fault indicator monitors excessive temperature, over-current and short circuit events