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FLEX I/O Expansion Unit

flex-io-16- flex i/o interface unit with 16 ground closure inputs & lamp outputs

*Power Supply Sold Separately - Item #: 16805 Part #: IT-PS1

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The FLEX-IO16 I/O Expansion Unit is a new addition to FSR’s Intelli-Tools line. It is a device that will provide 16 Ground Closure Inputs and 16 Lamp/LED Outputs as well as RS-232 & IP Communication to expand the control capabilities of FSR FLEX Controllers as well as interfacing with any 3rd party control system. The Flex-IO16 is a fully programmable control system component that provides an interface between virtually any equipment having an RS-232 or Ethernet port and external controls with up to 16 switches and lamps/LEDs. It can also be used to add IP connectivity to equipment that only has an RS-232 port.

Configuration of the Flex-IO16 is accomplished through the use of the Flex-IO Builder GUI. The Flex-IO builder can create, edit, debug, upload and download projects, and can also be used to verify wiring and control in installed systems. The Flex-IO builder connects to the Flex-IO16 via the second dedicated RS-232 "Program" port, or integrated Ethernet connection.

Each of the 16 switch inputs can be configured to execute command strings up to 250 characters in length upon the press, hold, or release of the switch, or they can alternate between two different strings when set to alternate action mode. The 16 lamp outputs can be independently configured to turn on, off, blink or toggle state in response to any of the switch input events, or they can be remotely commanded via serial or IP.

The FLEX-IO16 Expansion Unit can also be used with any of FSR’s single or dual button/LED models of our award CT6 Table Box models to convert button presses into serial commands to control various devices within a FLEX controlled environment while also providing Lamp/LED feedback. It also can seamlessly integrate with our T6-FLEX Table Box with integrated control system or our HuddleVU FLEX collaboration systems as well.

When used in conjunction with FSR’s line of T3-MJ Table Mic Boxes you can easily connect up to 16 T3-MJ’s and have Lamp/LED feedback when the mute circuits are activated on a 3rd Party DSP Controller like Biamp or Clearone. The T3-MJ’s integrated momentary or maintain type switches are available with a variety of switch cap and LED colors. The switch (SPDT) contacts and LED wires terminate directly to the FLEX-IO16 which in turn provides one RS-232 Output or IP Output to easily integrate with a DSP unit.

Flex-IO16 Features

  • 16 switch inputs
  • Accommodates momentary or maintained N.O. or N.C. switches
  • 16 Lamp/Relay drive outputs with short circuit protection/auto-reset feature
  • Power locally or via POE Ethernet 
  • Configure via Serial or IP
  • Full featured GUI supports system configuration & debug
  • Independent serial ports for Program and Control
  • Indicators for serial/IP activity, power and status
  • Fully programmable

All information is subject to change without notice


  • Add IP capability to legacy RS-232 equipment
  • General purpose interface between hardwired control panels and AV equipment
  • I/O expansion for Flex-LT controllers
  • Expansion unit for HuddleVU collaboration system
  • Control Consoles
  • Contact closure to RS-232 interface
  • Contact closure to IP interface