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A day at the office for Jon Melchin means working with the architectural and design community on a national level. As the director of architectural business development for FSR Inc. (FSR), a leading global manufacturer of a wide variety of signal management and infrastructure solutions in audiovisual, datacomm and control systems for a range of sectors, Melchin connects with top architects and designers to develop market-driven solutions.


“I think we’ve grown as a company, because we consistently branch out with products we feel are true solutions, tapping into specific market needs,” explains Melchin, who’s been in the industry for more than 12 years. “My role at FSR is to be in contact with architects, engineers and other designers to facilitate the selection and specification of our products early on in the design phase of construction so we can take an active approach toward the right solutions for the facility.”

Market-driven solutions

Since forming in 1981 by William Fitzsimmons, Jan Sandi and Charles Rodriguez, hence company moniker: FSR, the New Jersey-based manufacturer has been growing through innovative products. “We recently won several awards at the InfoComm show in June 2014,” reveals Melchin.

InfoComm, an association dedicated to advancing innovation...