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Join Host AV Christa Bender and the Crew Corey CB Moss, Hope BeerAndPie Roth, Vaddio Stacy Kringlen and Johnny (Stuff n’ Things) Mota  as they welcome their guests: Jan Sandri – President at FSR, Cory Schaeffer – Director, Systems Solutions at QSC, Marika Acquino – Technical Recruiter at Tier PM, (and the Power Crew women double as guests too)

Christa, the host who has been the most leads this one into the tubes at the beginning when she plays “guess that name” with our guests. But that’s ok since she’ll have a whole new opportunity to do that next year (more to come on that).

Cory who has been on AV Power Up numerous times before helps to get us going and Jan Sandri who along with Cory is well known as a highly notable person in the AV industry, talks about her company FSR, the good people there (including some of our friends who have appeared as guests here as well) and more. The people at FSR are hard workers as we know and Jan tells us about holiday time at the company. Let’s just say eat, drink, be merry and bring in the business. And don’t worry, those fax machines are working 24/7 to accept those P.O.’s!