New York, NY (September 7, 2017) – The verdict is in — the John Jay College of Criminal Justice has selected five FSR HuddleVU Collaboration Systems, for its small-group study rooms located in the Lloyd Sealy Library of 

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Haaren Hall. The systems allow multiple users to share and view their laptops, tablets, and smart phone screens on a main display, underscoring the school’s efforts to encourage student collaboration, group study and shared projects.  FSR, a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of infrastructure solution products for the audio/video, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), education, hospitality, and government markets, released project details from Company headquarters in Woodland Park, NJ. 

Lloyd Sealy Library, which holds more than 500,000 books, periodicals, films, microfilms, and digital collections, offered students all the resources necessary for group study and shared projects, except the technology that would result in greater collaboration and increased use of the study-group rooms. Following an exploration and evaluation process of affordable options that would create the ideal environment for people to view and share ideas, the school made the decision to install FSR HuddleVU Collaboration systems.

According to Geng H. Lin, Library Systems Manager, “Everything was built-in so we didn’t have to reconfigure the current space, which was a concern. We decided to try two immediately.” FSR's HuddleVU systems include all the necessary video switching equipment, control hardware, display power control and color-coded captive HDMI cables for a simple, yet effective way to install quickly and operate.

Once the FSR HuddleVU systems were installed in two rooms in the upper library, the College focused on stimulating interest via signage in the library, promotion on the library website and a notification to students via internal electronic communications. The rooms were quickly in such high demand that the College added HuddleVUs in the Library’s lower three rooms as well. Each installation was accomplished in one day and came in under budget.

According to the College, the rooms “just work” for the students. The HuddleVU’s are so intuitive and reliable that the students have been able to operate with minimal instruction, and without asking for outside assistance. John Jay College now has a user-friendly, self-contained system designed for group study. Students are able to use the HuddleVU systems immediately following a few simple instructions, and are equally at ease using it for group projects, studying or displaying their work on the screen. The school anticipates a lot of collaboration amongst students when they have group projects, and looks forward to adding systems as space becomes available. According to Lin, “Students are extremely happy with the equipment — they are really enjoying it. It has been a great experience overall.”

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