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 18626-cb-22p-plus-shelf2-1000x1000_872872504 Introducing the CB-22+ Line of Ceiling Boxes - FSR, Inc.

FSR is Debuting the CB-22+ Line of Ceiling Boxes, Bringing Many New and Innovative Features Along with it

Woodland Park, NJ (December 7, 2023) – FSR, a leader in innovative audio-visual solutions, is thrilled to unveil the CB-22+ line of ceiling boxes, a revolutionary advancement in ceiling box technology. Packed with cutting-edge features and designed for seamless integration, the CB-22+ series sets a new standard for versatility, security, and ease of installation in the ceiling box market.

The CB-22+ series introduces a range of innovative features designed to elevate your AV installation experience. Integrated threaded rod mounts eliminate the need for separate mounting kits, streamlining the installation process while ensuring a secure fit. This design choice enhances efficiency and convenience, setting the stage for a hassle-free setup.
Security and accessibility converge with the inclusion of a lockable cover latch. This feature provides peace of mind and allows convenient access to the equipment inside, striking a perfect balance between safeguarding your components and ensuring ease of use. The CB-22+ series boasts a larger mounting shelf, offering an expanded, removable dual-tilting equipment shelf. This addition provides ample space for your AV components, accommodating a variety of devices and enhancing the overall versatility of the ceiling box.

Regarding stability and durability, the enhanced load rating is a standout feature of the projector pole models in the CB-22+ series. Now supporting an increased load rating of up to 100 pounds, these ceiling boxes guarantee stability in any installation scenario, ensuring the secure placement of your valuable equipment. For those seeking a touch of customization, optional decorative metal plates are available to elevate the aesthetics of your ceiling box. These plates eliminate the need for ceiling tiles in pole rail and cover openings, providing a sleek and polished finish to your AV setup.The streamlined access door and hinge design facilitates effortless installation and maintenance. The quick-disconnect safety cable prevents the cover door from detaching completely from the box, adding an extra layer of convenience to the user experience. The CB-22+ and CB-22P+ models take temperature control and noise reduction to the next level with the optional temperature-controlled variable speed low-noise fan kit. This field-installed upgrade ensures optimal temperature control and minimal noise, enhancing the performance of these ceiling boxes.

Venturing into the future of AV installations, the smart enclosure features of CB-22S+ and CB-22SP+ models offer built-in projector state auto-sense, monitored unswitched outlets, and a thermostatically controlled variable speed low-noise fan kit. These intelligent features contribute to a cutting-edge AV experience, combining functionality and technological sophistication. The CB-22+ series presents versatile configuration options with configurable plates for the pole mount support rail cover. Installers can cover projector position slots without the need for cutting ceiling tiles, providing flexibility in installation and catering to diverse setup requirements. With these features, the CB-22+ series is a comprehensive solution for various AV installation needs.


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