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BIM Objects

Building Information Modeling files
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default FSR_Raceway_SW-DB-2D.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW-FR 337 downloads

Download (rfa, 428 KB)

FSR_Raceway_SW-DB-2D (1).rfa

default FSR_Raceway_SW-DB-2P.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW-FR 335 downloads

Download (rfa, 428 KB)

FSR_Raceway_SW-DB-2P (1).rfa

default FSR_Raceway_SW-DB-2P1D.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW-FR 308 downloads

Download (rfa, 448 KB)

FSR_Raceway_SW-DB-2P1D (1).rfa

default FSR_Raceway_SW-FCT-SLT.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW-FR 320 downloads

Download (rfa, 412 KB)

FSR_Raceway_SW-FCT-SLT (1).rfa

default FSR_Raceway_SW-L90.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW-FR 355 downloads

Download (rfa, 444 KB)

FSR_Raceway_SW-L90 (1).rfa

default FSR_Raceway_SW-T72.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW-FR 324 downloads

Download (rfa, 396 KB)

FSR_Raceway_SW-T72 (1).rfa

default FSR_Raceway_SW-TEE.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW 288 downloads

Download (rfa, 448 KB)


default FSR_Raceway_SW-WF-HP.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW 302 downloads

Download (rfa, 440 KB)


default FSR_Raceway_SW-WF-LP.rfa Popular

Tagged in SW 287 downloads

Download (rfa, 448 KB)


default PWB-320XL-BX.rfa Popular

Tagged in PWB-320XL 264 downloads

Download (rfa, 720 KB)


default PWB-CMU8.dwg Popular

Tagged in PWB-CMU8 150 downloads

Download (dwg, 187 KB)

Masonry-Project-Wall-Boxes_PWB-CMU8_FSR (1).dwg

Image PWB-CMU8.jpg Popular

Tagged in PWB-CMU8 152 downloads

Download (jpg, 526 KB)

Masonry-Project-Wall-Boxes_PWB-CMU8_FSR (1).jpg

default PWB-CMU8.rfa Popular

Tagged in PWB-CMU8 143 downloads

Download (rfa, 456 KB)

Masonry-Project-Wall-Boxes_PWB-CMU8_FSR (1).rfa

default WB-CMU-6G.dwg Popular

Tagged in WB-CMU-6G 129 downloads

Download (dwg, 308 KB)

Masonry-Project-Wall-Boxes_WB-CMU-6G_FSR (1).dwg

Image WB-CMU-6G.jpg Popular

Tagged in WB-CMU-6G 158 downloads

Download (jpg, 421 KB)

Masonry-Project-Wall-Boxes_WB-CMU-6G_FSR (1).jpg

default WB-CMU-6G.rfa Popular

Tagged in WB-CMU-6G 134 downloads

Download (rfa, 560 KB)

Masonry-Project-Wall-Boxes_WB-CMU-6G_FSR (1).rfa