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Designing Future-Ready, Technology-Enhanced Rooms

on Monday, 21 November 2016.

PUPNOriginally published in Private University Products and News (PUPN), November 2016.

Being smart and intentional when designing building infrastructure for power, AV and IT is necessary to keep up with the demand of today’s users. Whether in education, corporate, healthcare or government buildings (etc.), rooms must be outfitted to support growing technology requirements.

Increased resolution, accessible bandwidth and available charging are challenges for technology managers and space designers who are, with increasing frequency, working together to develop functional environments. Users’ expectations are typically defined by their experiences with their own consumer grade equipment like phones, home control, and plug and play systems. Simply put, they want easy to use technology for seamless meetings, classes, consultations and events. Compounding the stress on designers, installers and managers to “get it right” is the now common demand for flex-spaces; rooms that are effectively multi-purpose.  Read more here

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