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AVaaS: More Questions Than Answers?

on Tuesday, 17 July 2018.


  • ·       The change of general campus technologies (from an institution’s budgetary forecasting POV) from Capital Expenditures (CapX) to Operating Expenditures (OpX).
  • ·       The potential reduction in product decision making/ specification for the institution.
  • ·       The potential decrease in technology staff/ employees as tier 2/3 support become a piece of the service model.
  • ·       The potential for increased down-time of rooms with the reduction on-campus staff for tier 1/ helpdesk calls.
  • ·       The concept (yay?) of guaranteed pre-planned and approved upgrades to all rooms under service contract- reducing legacy technology support and maintenance calls.
  • ·       The potential for unplanned upgrades to flex rooms that may have a variety of requirements semester to semester.


And these are just some of the considerations of moving to an AVaaS model. Susan Brower, Media Services Coordinator at Loyola University New Orleans, and I discussed recently that as you think about the implications of one change, two additional questions seem to pop up. The as a service model is not new. But the breadth to which integrators foresee providing AVaaS is far reaching and customizable- making it difficult to really wrap your head around for medium to...

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