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Wiring Solution

ws-1- 9" - dual path cable holder
ws-1- 9" - dual path cable holderws-1- 9" - dual path cable holderws-1- 9" - dual path cable holder

9" - Dual Path Cable Management System

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The WS-1 wiring solution makes quick neat work of storing extra cable length under tables, behind desks, in podiums and credenzas. With its concentric dual coil design and variety of attachment points, multiple cables can be wrapped neatly in their own cable path reducing cross cable interference.

It helps prevent cables from being damaged and provides tangle free cable management.

Clear your space with the wiring star!

*Slots accommodate Tie Wraps or Velcro Straps up to 1/2” wide*


Wiring Star Product Video Review

Huddlevu with Wire Star Server Room with Wiring Star
HuddleVU Server Room
credenza wiring star forweb conference room with wiring star
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Desk with Wiring Star podium with wiring star
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