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Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier

sada-4- 1x4 stereo or 1x8 mono audio d/a
sada-4- 1x4 stereo or 1x8 mono audio d/asada-4- 1x4 stereo or 1x8 mono audio d/asada-6- 1x6 stereo or 1x12 mono audio d/asada-6- 1x6 stereo or 1x12 mono audio d/a

1x4 Stereo or 1x8 Mono Audio/ 1x6 Stereo or 1x12 Mono Audio

The SADA-4 and SADA-6 are one input, four or six output stereo distribution amplifiers. They can be configured for stereo or mono applications with the flip of a switch. Both models incorporate a unity/boost setting that can effectively compensate for varying input signal levels handling a variety of audio sources.   

These are professional quality DA’s accepting balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs. A unique feature of the SADA-4/6 is the four configurations available The input out-put arrangement can be configured for: 1X6 stereo, 2- 1X6 mono’s, a 1X12 mono or a 1 stereo into 12 mono audio distribution. Both models include a power supply. There is an optional mounting bracket for a 19” rack and will allow the mounting of one or two units (FSR RK-1).

These unit are ideal for companion operation with any of FSR's video DA's such as the CVD and SVD models.


•    Individually buffered and amplified outputs
•    Input Boost switch (0 or +14dB)
•    Outputs are short circuit protected
•    Full metal enclosure
•    UL &CSA approved external power supply included
•    Rack mountable with optional rack mount (FSR RK-1)
•    Configurable for multiple output arrangements
•    Half rack size allows dual mounting option
•    Balanced inputs and outputs
•    May be operated in unbalanced mode