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Composite, S-Video and Stereo Audio Interface

vwp-sva-blk- composite s-video and audio interface - black
vwp-sva-blk- composite s-video and audio interface - blackvwp-sva-blk- composite s-video and audio interface - black

Composite Video Wall Plate



The VWP-SVA is a Composite, S-Video and Stereo Audio interface that fits in a single gang Decora style wall plate. The VWP provides an attractive connection point for VCR’s, DVD players, document cameras and much more. The VWP automatically selects the active composite or S-Video input, converting composite signals to S-Video. The selected signal in S-Video format is then passed through a line driver to allow cable runs of up to 300 feet. The unbalanced stereo audio input is converted to a balanced signal to get the highest audio quality. The stereo audio is balanced to help prevent interference.

The VWP simplifies system design and installation by converting composite to S-Video. There is one less cable to run and one less signal type to switch. This represents an overall savings to the end user, while providing high quality video and audio.

The VWP has an RCA connector for the composite video input, a 4 pin DIN connector for the S-Video input and a pair of RCA connectors for the stereo audio input. The S-video output is provided on pair of pigtail mounted BNC connectors, and the balanced stereo audio is output on a terminal strip.


• Single Gang Decora Style
• Available in Black
• High Quality Composite to S Conversion
• Selectable Stereo or Mono Output
• Power LED
• Classrooms
• Boardrooms
• Conference Rooms
• Lecterns