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RGB Bridging Distribution Amplifier

rgb-144- four bridgeable 1 x 4 rgbhv da’s - 3 ru
rgb-144- four bridgeable 1 x 4 rgbhv da’s - 3 rurgb-144- four bridgeable 1 x 4 rgbhv da’s - 3 ru

Bridgeable Distribution Amplifier



FSR introduces the RGB - 144, the world's first configurable Distribution Amplifier (D/A). Four independent 1 x 4 D/A's are integrated within the 3RU chassis. What makes the RGB-144 unique is the ability to bridge adjacent 1x4 blocks to make a larger D/A.

In it's default configuration, the RGB-144's four 1x4 D/A's operate independently. By simply flipping the bridge switches, adjacent 1x4 D/A's are bridged together and the input of the first block is sent to all of the bridged outputs allowing many different configurations to suit your signal distribution needs.

Possible configurations include: four 1x4 D/A's; one 1x8, and two 1 x 4 D/A's; two 1x8 D/A's; one 1x12, and one 1x4 D/A; and one 1x16 D/A. To insure the highest possible signal quality, all outputs are fully buffered, and the measured bandwidth, from input to any output, is greater than 350MHz with a flat signal response.

The RGB-144's universal sync inputs support both analog and TTL level sync of either polarity. Advanced sync detection circuitry accurately slices the input sync signal independent of amplitude and offset to provide a stable, jitter-free output even in noisy environments.

The RGB-144's extended bandwidth makes it compatible with all computer video resolutions from workstations, PCs, notebooks, or Macs as well as scalers and line doublers. In addition, each of the RGB inputs may be used independently or in concert to distribute composite, component, and S-video. A universal power supply extends the RGB-144 s compatibility to the world.