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Multi-Purpose Video Switcher/Scaler

mas-6100-multi-purpose video switcher

Video & RGB Scaler - 2xV 2xSV 2xRGB



The MAS-6100 is a multi-purpose Video Switcher/Scaler that is ideal for boardroom and house of worship presentation systems. The MAS-6100 provides high quality scaling from Standard Definition, High Definition and Computer video sources to resolutions that match your projector, plasma or HD display.

The MAS-6100A adds a 4x1 stereo audio switcher with balanced output and adjustable delay to keep the audio and video in sync.

The MAS-6100’s have 2 Composite Video Inputs, 2 S-Video Inputs and 2 Computer / Component Inputs. Both NTSC and PAL are supported.

The scaled output is selectable at any computer resolution up to 2048x2048 as well as all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.

The MAS-6100 can be controlled in a variety of ways. The front panel along with an on-screen display handle all set-up and switching features. The MAS-6100 can also be remotely controlled from the FSR Room Navigator or other control system via the RS-232 port or the IR Port. Another option is the Control Panel that runs on any Microsoft Windows equipped PC.

To make IR control easy and painless, all IR codes are provided in a CCF format and are available on the FSR web site. These can be used in nearly any universal remote control or from any control system with IR output.

In addition to the standard scaling and switching capabilities, the MAS-6100 has a built in keyer to allow computer generated text to be superimposed upon a video background, pan and zoom and a host of other features normally found on much more expensive products.


  • Automatic Incoming Resolution Detection
  • 2 Outputs: 1 Component and 1 RGB/Component
  • Inputs: 2 Composite; 2 S-Video; 2 Computer / Component
  • Computer Resolutions to 2048x2048
  • HDTV Resolutions to 1080p
  • Multiple Worldwide Television Standards
  • RS-232 and IR Control Capability
  • Image Pan and Zoom
  • All Input Types are Scaled
  • Chromakey and Lumakey
  • Image Rotation and Automatic picture sizing