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In its 35+ years of operations, FSR, Inc. has been a firm believer in fueling the U.S. economy by designing, manufacturing and individually testing products here in the States. While many companies have shifted their manufacturing efforts outside of the American borders, FSR has stayed true to its belief of providing jobs to those in our local communities. Homeland manufacturing also allows for closer monitoring in the creation and quality of every single one of our metal products, from start to finish and provides greater supply chain transparency.

Our electronics products are no exception. Most are completely designed and made in NJ. All are tested in house. Some of our latest “commodity electronics” products, are made with a select partner in South Korea, using US engineering know-how and rigorous single piece testing done in the States.

FSR recognizes the desire for consumers to know where & how their products are being made. Manufacturing in the States, in our own facilities, is a simple-yet-effective method in assuring our customers that we take great pride in being hands-on in each item’s creation.

Manufacturing made America great and can continue to do so long into the future.

Support “Made in the USA”, support FSR!