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USB-C to USB-C Optical Cable


USB-C to USB-C Optical Cable

FSR’s USB 3.1 Gen 2, Type-C® Digital Ribbon cables are designed for today's high-end peripheral devices that use a USB Type-C® connector to transfer data. The hybrid fiber/copper cables deliver a speed of 10Gbps data transfer without signal loss or delay. The cables can support the connection between a USB-C® camera, hard drive, PC, or laptop.

Each cable is fitted with a discreet black jacket with the connector shells being labeled “HOST” and
“DEVICE” to aid in proper connection. Digital Ribbon USB Type-C® cables deliver superior performance while providing a reliable plug-and-play user experience. The cables support a 5V/900 mA transfer limit which will power most conferencing cameras. This cable does not support “USB-C® Power Delivery or Alternate Mode.”

• Supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps data rate

• Provides power to most conferencing cameras
• Offered in 10m and 15m lengths
• Supports Windows & Apple iOS
• Plug & Play without the need for software
• Enhanced Pull Strength of 15kg/33lbs
• Plenum Rated - Type CMP/FT6