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Wire Marshall

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Under table wire management system

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 The Wire marshall cable management system is a complete solution for bridging the gap between our award winning Table Boxes to our full line of Floor Boxes and Poke-Thru solutions. This system provides a clean, elegant cable management solution in table designs that lack a pedestal for hiding cables and power as they transition from the tables boxes to the floor.

The Wire Marshall Cable Management (WM-CMPT) consists of an under table channel for dressing cables horizontally along the table underside. The WM-CP cable pathway provides an easily integrated solution for handling multiple low-voltage AV/Data and AC cables from the table's underside to the floor. The WM-LC leg channel is also available for dressing cables along the backside of a round table leg.


Shown below is the Wire Marshall Cable Management - Top Side View of Table

Concertto Cable Management overhead 1000


Wire Marshall Cable Management transitioning from our under table Symphony line to our floor boxes.

Concertto Cable Management trans web 1000