Smart-Way Stick


Smart-Way Stick

Smart-Way Stick is a pre-configured 6' raceway available with (2) duplex power or (1) duplex power/(1) data. Also now available as a 2 AC duplex power with USB.


Smart Way Stick Lifestyle Aluminum



The Smart-Way STICK is the smart way to get power and data where you need it on the floor. The Smart-Way STICK gives you the capabilities for power in a complete wired unit with a plug. Now you can have accessible power anywhere, anytime, and within seconds.

The 6 ft. Smart-Way Stick model is offered as a "two pack" or indvidually. The units are fully assembled and prewired. Two black Decora 15A duplex AC power outlets and a 9 ft. power cored are included. The Smart-Way STICK gives you the design aesthetic, plus flexibility, to provide connectivity when needed to support a changing work environment. Locate the receptacle unit where you need it in the room and you’re all set.

Smart Way Stick SW STK 2P slate

 Have limited room and need a specific length? Then the 3-2-1 Snap Stick Option is perfect for you.


  • Perfect for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, or any where accessibility to power and data is needed
  • Pre-configured, plug it in, all ready to go *6' pre-assembled unit ONLY
  • Device box options provide power, communication and A/V connectivity
  • ADA-compliant profile
  • Circuit breaker protected
  • Place on top of any flooring for all-in-one power or data
  • Sold as a 6' section or available in our 3-2-1 Snap Stick option

Power Anywhere, Anytime