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Smart-Way On-Floor Raceway


On-Floor Raceway

Smart-Way On-Floor Raceway



Smart Way On Floor Raceway webOur brand-new on-floor wire management system installs on top of any flooring for a quick and effortless installation. The Smart-Way provides three compartments of capacity and access to power, data and A/V connectivity options. The Smart-Way is a simple, affordable and effective way to clean up messy cables and wires.


Wire space isn't an issue with the Smart-Way system. The raceway has the capacity to hold (16) 12AWG THHN Conductors, (8) Cat6A (.252 diameter/ 60% fill), (11) Cat5e (.215 diameter/ 60% fill) and is sold in 6-foot sections.

Floor Raceway Cable Openings NEW 4


The raceway is available in two color options, anodized aluminum and slate-grey powder coat paint.

Aluminum Raceway New
Slate Raceway New



Both 2-circuit low-profile, and 4-circuit high-profile, wall feed boxes are available.

Raceway Wall Feed Low Profile 2
Raceway Wall Feed High Profile 2


  • Perfect for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, and any where wire management is needed with access to power and data
  • Raceway compartments provide ample space for power, communications and A/V requirements
  • Device box options provide power, communication and A/V connectivity
  • ADA compliant profile '1'
  • Installs on top of any flooring for a quick installation
  • Sold in 6-foot sections
  • Available in slate-grey or bright aluminum colors
  • Designed with centering V-grooves in track to assist locating the drilling of pilot/clearance holes for securing fasteners, ensuring ease of installation
  • Optional Elbow Kit for making 45 or 90-degree angle doesn't compromise minimal bend radius of wire


InfoComm 2019: Gary Kayye Talks to our, Director of
Global Sales, Chaz Porter About our Smart-Way On-Floor Raceway System