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HuddleVU Wall Box

pwb-hvbx pwb-hvbx-blk pwb-hvbx-blk pwb-hvbx-blk_bottom pwb-hvbx-blk_under

HuddleVU Wall Box

The PWB-HVBX is one of FSR's latest editions to the PWB line that integrates the company's industry known "TBRT" cable retractors with their project wall box. The Patent-Pending PWB-HVBX or HuddleVU Wall Box, is designed for use in the higher education enviroments.

The PWB-HVBX deploys retractors and AC to rolling carts and wall mounted displays for impromptu huddle or collaboration siutuations. This HuddleVU Wall Box houses 2 retractors and AC power distribution with mounting available for HDBaseT or digital media transmission or switching devices.

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