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HuddleVU Wall Box

18022-pwb-hvbx-_w_wires 18022-pwb-hvbx_iso_top pwb-hvbx-front pwb-hvbx-withcover

HuddleVU Wall Box equipped with two retractors and AC power.

The PWB-HVBX is one of FSR's latest editions to the PWB line that integrates the company's industry known "TBRT" cable retractors with our project wall box. The Patent-Pending PWB-HVBX or HuddleVU Wall Box, is designed for use in the higher education environments.

The HuddleVU Wall Box deploys retractors and AC to rolling carts and wall mounted displays for impromptu huddle or collaboration situations. Housed inside are 2 retractors and AC power distribution with mounting available for HDBaseT or digital media transmission or switching devices.


PWB HVBX front


18022 pwb hvbx iso bottom