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3" Depth Large Open Style Wall Box


Box and Accessories

FSR's highly successful Project Wall Box family is being expanded with two new models priced specifically to ease the installer's bottom line. These economical large open wall boxes designed to fit 16" on center stud bays simplify audiovisual and IT installations by providing space for routing cables, AC connections, and digital media product mounted in 3" thick walls.

The PWB-323 has up to 1 1/4" KO's, flush cable-tie mounts, tri-usage gang openings for AC/AV/IT applications, IPS mounting, and two optional adjustable locking shelves for mounting equipment. There are also 2 optional internal AC brackets available with 2 or 3 Decora openings that ship with SpikeShield 15-amp receptacles included. These wall boxes are available in sizes to fit typical wall designs and can be used with or without the decorative trim ring and cover options.


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