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Six-Gang Masonry Wall Box

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6 Gang Masonry Wall Box - Back Box
* IPS Connectors and Decora Plates sold separately*

The WB-CMU-6G continues our line of solutions for block walls. This is a divisible six-gang wall box for masonry wall construction and is easily reconfigurable after installation. The WB-CMU-6G gives you peace of mind knowing if
your initially installed devices become outdated, you will still be able to update them without impacting the
installed infrastructure. It features the ability to separate compartments for high and low voltage, and gang plates can be configured in many different electrical plate configuration combinations. 

The gang plate trim ring comes complete with a divider and spacers; no extra parts are needed. Designed for CMU construction, this wall box has a large volume back box for high-density configurations with multiple KO openings for a ¾” to 1.25” conduit. The gang plate trim ring provides a recessed gang-plate area to protect the devices from damage due to moving carts and other wall impacts.


  • Fully configurable after installation
  • Many different electrical plate configurations
  • Ability to separate high and low voltage
  • Recessed Gang Plate Trim Ring to protect devices
  • No extra parts are needed; divider and spacers provided
  • ¾” to 1.25” KO
  • IPS Ready (Sold Separately)


  • Gymnasiums
  • Auditoriums
  • Stadiums
  • Educational Facilities
  • Any masonry applications