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400-700 Complete Systems


HV System

HV Multi Person Collaboration Systems


The individual HV systems can accommodate from 4 to 7 users. Each user has their own FSR HV-T3 table box to plug into. Each table box contains a pullout HDMI cable and an AC outlet. A single push of a button on each T3 is all that is needed to display the laptop or iPad's desktop information onto the main display.A black HDMI cable is included with the system with 1 switch / 1 LED on the HV-T3 Table Control unit.

                                   hv t3 dual blk                hv t3 dual blk 2

If you are working with a smaller table, the HV-T3-DUAL table box for two participants is also available. 

HuddleVU 4-7 User Features

  • Collaborate and share ideas on your computer screen and others
  • One button press inclusion of users
  • No software or programming required
  • Simple installation
  • Create attractive workspaces
  • Hardware and cables included
  • Conversion kits available for VGA and audio input
  • Systems with four or less inputs can be controlled by an external control system
  • One of the existing HDMI inputs on an HV-T3 table box (up to two on an HV-T6) can be converted to a VGA / Stereo audio input using an HV-1PC-INP converter kit
  • *2nd DV-HMSW4K-88 Switcher and modem 6' Serial Cable included with all 5-7 user systems
  • *The HV-UTB Included with all systems


  • HV-1PC-INP
  • IT-SACWP-12
  • Under Table Rack Mount Kit
  • USB Charging Ports

    dv hmsw4k 88                  

                            hv ctl



                                                         17523 hv utb front 1