tr?id=304425946719474&ev=PageView&noscript=1 3" Extra Large Open Style Wall Box

3" Extra Large Open Style Wall Box

3" pwb-323xl back box
3" pwb-323xl back box3" pwb-323xl back box3" pwb-323xl back box

Box and Accessories

PWB-323XL - Extra Large Open Style Wall Box

The new PWB-323XL economical large open wall boxes are designed to fit 16” vertically and 24” horizontally on-center stud bays, simplifying AV and IT installations by providing space for routing cables, AC connections, and digital media product mounting in 3” or 4" thick walls. 

Integrated into each back box is flush cable-tie mounts that can be bent out when needed but lay flat when not in use to prevent interfering with equipment mounting.

PWB 320XL cableties

The PWB-323XL has up to 2” KO’s, flush cable-tie mounts, 4 triple play mounting solution openings for AC/AV/IT applications and two optional adjustable locking shelves for mounting equipment. 

Optional adjustable locking shelves for mounting equiptment:

PWB 320XL shelves

There are also optional 2 unit/3unit/4 unit internal AC power brackets that ship with SpikeShield™ 15-amp receptacles. The infrastructure solutions are available in sizes to fit typical wall designs and can be used with or without the decorative trim ring and cover options.

These wall boxes are punched in four locations with FSR’s Triple Play Mounting Solution which provides three different options for mounting conduit, cabling, plates, and back boxes to our wall boxes.

FSR’s patent-pending Triple Play Mounting Solutions:

 Triple Play Drawing

  • Conduit can be run directly to the Center 1” & 1¼” Concentric Knock Out
  • Punched & Tapped for Low-voltage Class-2 box-less plate mounting
  • Tapped to mount standard single gang low-voltage boxes

The PWB-320XL has enough KO’s on each side of the box for all applications:


Knockouts top Knockouts side
  • There are 1” & 1¼” concentric KO’s in the 4 Triple Play Mounting Solution Openings
  • There is Four 1”, 1½” and 2” concentric KO
  • There are also Four 1”, 1¼” and 1½” concentric KO’s
  • And there are Eight 1/2” & 3/4” KO’s for AC Power