10" Fire-Rated Poke-Thru Floor Box


10" SmartFit Cover

10" Fire-Rated Poke-Thru

Our 10” Fire-Rated “Poke-Thru” floor boxes provide capacity, aesthetics and installation ease. These sturdy core hole products combine flexibility via recessed mounting bracketry to accommodate a wide assortment of power, data and audio video connection options.

Covers are available in three architectural finishes: Brushed Aluminum, Black and Brushed Brass, providing an attractive appearance with superior durability. The entire cover door swings open 180° and the two smaller cable access doors fold down for cable egress; all while the cover door is secure. The cover technology exceeds UL scrub water testing requirements.
A complete line of sub-plates for device mounting is available to populate the interior middle and end areas of the housing.

• 2-hour fire rating

• 180˚ access door opening

• Flange height 0.16” and complies with ADA requirements
• Power wiring junction box included
• Complies with UL514A for scrub water test
• 1000 lb. cover load rating with 2x safety factor
• ULC and cULus

• Drop down cable access doors to reduce trip hazards

• Pre-pour tubes to remove the need for core hole drilling
• Sub-plates to accept third party devices
• NEMA device spacing available
10" Poke-Through Fitting and Pour Sleeve
Item #Part #Description
18388 SF10-PT Poke-Thru without; Cover, Sub-Plates and Bottom Feed Brackets
18389 SF10-PS Pre-Pour Sleeve
Furniture Feed Cover Kits - Includes 2 Reducing Bushings and 2 Dividers (Bottom Feeds Required)
18393 SF10-FFCVR-ALM Brushed Aluminum
18394 SF10-FFCVR-BLK Black Painted
18395 SF10-FFCVR-BRS Brass Plated
Hinged Access Covers with 2 Fold Down Doors
18390 SF10-CVR-ALM Brushed Aluminum
18391 SF10-CVR-BLK Black Painted
18392 SF10-CVR-BRS Brass Plated
18396 SF10-CVR-ABAND Abandonement Cover Plate
Center Section Sub-Plates (4-Gangs Total, All Required)
18397 SF10-CNP-1DE 1-Gang Decorator
18398 SF10-CNP-1DX 1-Gang Blank
18399 SF10-CNP-4DX 4-Gang 4-Duplex
18400 SF10-CNP-2DE 2-Gang Decorator Nema Spacing
18401 SF10-CNP-3DE 3-Gang Decorator Nema Spacing
18402 SF10-CNP-4DE 4-Gang Decorator
18403 SF10-CNP-1BLNK 1-Gang Blank
18404 SF10-CNP-2BLNK 2-Gang Blank
18405 SF10-CNP-4BLNK 4-Gang Blank
18406 SF10-CNP-IPS 1-Gang 4-IPS
18407 SF10-CNP-140R 1-Gang 1.40" Round Opening
18408 SF10-CNP-160R 1-Gang 1.60" Round Opening
18409 SF10-CNP-VID 1-Gang 1-VGA/HDMI
18410 SF10-CNP-1XLR 1-Gang 1-XLR
18411 SF10-CNP-2XLR 1-Gang 2-XLR
Perimeter Section Sub-Plates (1 Full Size or 2 Half Size per Side Compartment)
18413 SF10-PRP-FDE Full Decorator
18414 SF10-PRP-FDX Full Duplex
18415 SF10-PRP-FIPS Full 4-IPS
18416 SF10-PRP-DIV Perimeter Plate Divider
18417 SF10-PRP-HWDX Half 20A Pre-wired Receptacle
18418 SF10-PRP-HBLNK Half Blank
18419 SF10-PRP-HIPS Half 2-IPS
18420 SF10-PRP-HVID Half 1-VGA/HDMI
18421 SF10-PRP-HXLR Half 1-XLR
Bottom Feed Center Brackets (4-Gangs Total, All Required)
18422 SF10-BCN-50 1-Gang 0.50" EMT Feed
18423 SF10-BCN-75 1-Gang 0.75" EMT Feed
18424 SF10-BCN-100 1-Gang 1.00" EMT Feed
18425 SF10-BCN-125 1-Gang 1.25" EMT Feed
18426 SF10-BCN-150 2-Gang 1.50" EMT Feed
18427 SF10-BCN-200 2-Gang 2.00" EMT Feed
18428 SF10-BCN-250 2-Gang 2.50" EMT Feed
18429 SF10-BCN-BLNK 1-Gang Blank
18430 SF10-BCN-PASS 1-Gang Pass-Thru
Bottom Feed Perimeter Brackets (2 Required Per Side, Total 4 Required)
18431 SF10-BPR-50 0.50" EMT Feed
18432 SF10-BPR-75 0.75" EMT Feed
18433 SF10-BPR-100 1.00" EMT Feed
18434 SF10-BPR-125 1.25" EMT Feed
18435 SF10-BPR-BLNK Perimeter Blank
18436 SF10-BPR-PASS Perimeter Pass-Thru
Internal Compartment Dividers (Optional)
18437 SF10-INCN-DIV Center Divider
18438 SF10-INPR-DIV Perimeter Divider
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