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Low Profile Cable Retractor


Low Profile Cable Retractor

For use with HuddleVU Wall Box

Our low-profile cable retractors provide ease of access to power and connectivity. This cable management system offers convenience and cable storage and protection, hiding unsightly cables when not in use. The cables can be quickly deployed by the user and extend up to six feet. A simple pull and release of the extended cable are all that is needed to return the cable to the protective reel. No button release is required.

These slim-style retractors can also be stacked side-by-side on the underside of a table using the UT-2-LPRTMKT bracket. Mounting the retractor on the bottom of the table maximizes under-table clearance leaving additional leg room while seated. Installing the retractor parallel to the table's edge provides easy deployment when needed.


Low Profile Retractor mounted on the underside of table

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Low profile design ensures maximum under table space
Easily stackable and can be mounted on the underside of a table
Large variety of cable connector styles and colors available
Retractor life greater than 8,000 cycles
Convenient user access
6’ of cable pulls out from the top of the retractor
5’ of cable exits from the rear of the retractor under the table
• *LP-TBRT-5-USBC-USBC - Pulls out 5' from retractor*