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Huddly Camera Mount

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Camera Mount for 40"-55" Monitors *Huddly Camera Not Included*

The FSR CM-HDLY-J5 camera mount is designed to mount a Huddly® IQ® or Go® camera securely to most wall-mounted monitors. Its .09” slotted aluminum mounting plate is designed to slip in-between any standard wall bracket and most monitors to provide a stable, permanent camera platform that does not rely on magnets, hook and loop fasteners or simple compression clamps. The mount can be positioned to locate the camera above or below the monitor with additional adjustability to move the camera in or out and tilt up or down as required by the installation. Versatile mounting slots adapt the mount to all VESA standards from 200x200 to 400x400 and if the VESA threaded mounting holes are 13.25” or less from the edge of the monitor. The CM-HDLY-J5 is the perfect solution for public conference areas or office spaces where a little added security is needed.