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HDMI 2.0 Digital Ribbon Noir Cables

digital ribbon hdmi cable
digital ribbon hdmi cable digital ribbon hdmi cable
digital ribbon hdmi cable - 10m
digital ribbon hdmi cable - 15m
digital ribbon hdmi cable - 23m
digital ribbon hdmi cable - 30m
digital ribbon hdmi cable - 50m

Noir Cables

Digital Ribbon HDMI 2.0 Noir Cables

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FSR’s DR-PCB-H2.0-xxM Digital Ribbon Cables utilize a proprietary technology to allow high speed, high definition HDMI signal transmission over distances of up to 165 ft. The cables come pre-terminated in convenient lengths.


The new noir cable is fitted with a discrete black jacket that allows the cable to blend in where it would otherwise be visible after installation.

cable jacket


The hybrid polymer/copper cables deliver a speed of 18 Gb/sec video bandwidth and can easily handle up to 4k @ 60Hz 4:4:4 HDR uncompressed HDMI video.

Cable InsideCable and connectors easily fit within a 1” conduit

Noir Connectors



  • HDMI 2.0 with 4k@60Hz YUV 4:4:4 and HDCP 2.2 compliance.
  • Overcomes distance limitations of conventional HDMI cables
  • Competitive in cost to older cable types
  • Signal integrity is uncompromised
  • Multi format compatibility
  • No external power or special tooling required
  • Plenum Rated - Type CMP, CMR
  • UL Listed
  • Supports DDC for HDCP and EDID
  • Supports PCM, Dolby, DTS-HD and True HD audio


InfoComm 2018: FSR Discusses Digital Ribbon HDMI 2.0 NOIR Cables