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Harmony FLEX Collection


CT6 Covers

A contemporary designed look and feel to our popular T6 table box with Flex capabilities.

Encased in one of our elegant CT6 table boxes, the Flex control system is a small, powerful and affordable solution perfect for nearly any installation. It features a 3.5" color LCD touchscreen and all of the connectivity needed to control the lighting, shades and every piece of AV equipment installed all from one central location. 

It features the full complement of serial, IR, GPIO and Ethernet ports and is the right choice for larger installations or where network connectivity is required. The interior compartment can be populated with a variety of AC and AV connector plates available from FSR. A Flex can also be remotely controlled using the Flex Remote Control software.

CT6-FLEX Features

  • 3.5" diagonal Color LCD Touch Screen
  • 4 Serial Ports
  • 4 IR Ports (Each Can Control up to 4 Devices)
  • 4 GPIO Ports 
  • IP Port
  • Built in Clock / Calendar with Scheduler
  • Multi Command Scripting Conditionality
  • "Power over Ethernet capability"
Flex Remote iPhone and iPad Apps are available for purchase on iTunes.
iPhone Apps
iPad Apps
Flex app but
Flex app but