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FL-605P Floor Box Covers

U-Access Cover - FL-600P Cover - 1/4" Brass Flange

FL-605P Covers

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This high quality FL-600P Cover has a 1/4" Brass Carpet Flange with our unique tool-less lift off door.

The cable access door can be easily removed by lifting the integrated U-Access handle to quickly access the interior compartment, connectors, and cables.

•    11-gauge finished steel cover with choice of carpet edging
•    Mitered brass or aluminum carpet edging  .5” or .25” high
•    Stainless steel compression latches
•    Lift-off full access door

Flanging:  Height: .25” or .5”

There are a variety of covers to choose from. Options include integrated carpet edging, flat covers for non-carpeted, bare floor applications, and different finishes. The lift-off section of the cover allows full access to internal connector plates and stored cables. The hinged cable exit door flips back to allow the cover to remain in place after connections are made and cables are routed through it. The 0.25” and 0.5” raised edge style and solid covers are UL scrub water approved.

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