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FL-200 Floor Box Covers



17891, 17803, 17876, 17877, 17878, 17968, 17970, 17969, 17904, 17949, 17886, 17887, 17888, 17889, 17771, 17890
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The FL-200 Series covers are designed to match those on the FL-500P and FL-600P Series floor boxes. This provides visual continuity in installations where FL-200’s are installed along with FL-500P’s and FL-600P’s.

The covers* meet UL scrub water requirements for tile and carpet installations and feature easy tool free access as well as a fold down cable exit door which allows the cover to be closed with cables exiting the box, *excluding the FL-200-PTBLK, FL-200-PTSLV and the FL-200-PTBRS. 

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