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EDID Emulator

dr-edid manager and learner
dr-edid manager and learnerdr-edid manager and learnerdr-edid manager and learnerdr-edid manager and learner

Emulator designed to manipulate the EDID information connected to a HDMI source

DR-EDID2 Character 400x400

The award-winning DR-EDID Emulator now has some new features in the DR-EDID2. It's a unique self-powered bidirectional device that can be inserted onto either end of any HDMI system. The DR-EDID2 Emulator, like its predecessor, is designed to manipulate the EDID information provided to a connected HDMI source or any device connected prior to the unit in the HDMI chain. The DR-EDID2, with its non-volatile memory, can now learn and store up to 3 EDID tables from any display.

EDID refers to a block of information passed from the far end of your signal chain, usually the display, to the first device or source. This EDID contains critical information about the capabilities of the connected display, including audio and video formats supported and available features.

The DR-EDID2 allows the installer to substitute one of the five preset EDID files or to learn, store, and recall up to 3 EDID files from any display device using a quick and easy process in the field. This makes DR-EDID2 an invaluable tool for troubleshooting system problems like unstable images or total loss of images due to excessive cable length.

The DR-EDID2 will force the source to limit its output resolution, lowering the cabling infrastructure's required bandwidth and thereby restoring reliable operation when installed permanently.


DR-EDID2 Application


HDMI® Type A Male 5 preinstalled EDID
HDMI® Type A Female Passive inline device – No external power needed
Bi-Color LED Indicator Bi-directional (bi-gender). It can be used in either direction
Rotary Switch for selecting EDID settings HDCP 1.4 / 2.2 Compatible
  Hot pluggable
  Supports HDMI® 1.3/1.4/2.0
  Supports up to 4K/UHD @ 60Hz

Learn and Stores up to 3 EDID tables from any Display