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Charge-Up Charging Station


Charge-Up Station for up to 8 devices
The Charge-Up Charging Station is a great way to keep your customers connected. Each station can charge up to eight mobile devices at a time. The charging cable assortment includes three Apple Lightning, three Micro USB and two USB Type-C cables to allow for up to eight devices to be charged simultaneously. The charging cables can deliver up to 2.4A each, with efficient charging technology that includes authentication of nearly all mobile devices.
The unit features an 18” wide by 1” deep device tray to accommodate a wide range of devices. A 6’ AC cord provides power from a standard 125VAC 15A outlet. The Charge-Up Charging Station is shipped as an easy to assemble kit and is designed for indoor installation.
Easy Assembly
Compatible with nearly any mobile device or cell phone
Eight Charging Ports with USB, Micro-USB and Apple Lightning  Connectors
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