tr?id=304425946719474&ev=PageView&noscript=1 3" Large Open Style Wall Box

3" Large Open Style Wall Box

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3" Large open style wall box with optional international series wall box brackets to fit 45mm sockets

FSR's international series wall box brackets quickly adapt to any country's specific 45mm snap-in power outlet to fit into our PWB-323 wall boxes. The PWB-323-2E45 bracket provides openings for two 45mm sockets, while the PWB-323-4E45 bracket has four openings to fit four 45mm sockets. We offer a variety of international sockets to fit all your power needs. The PWB-323 wall box has up to 1 1/4" KO's, flush cable-tie mounts, tri-usage gang openings for AC/AV/IT applications, IPS mounting, and two optional adjustable locking shelves for mounting equipment. These wall boxes are available in sizes to fit typical wall designs and can be used with or without the decorative trim ring and cover options.

This wall box is available in white or black and is suitable for painting or other finishing, matching any décor. It has a cable exit slot for the display connections and the excess cable can easily be hidden inside of the box making the entire installation as clean as possible. The cover screws onto the front of the box once all connections are in place.

FSR designed this unit for new and existing construction. Brackets are included for mounting to studs in new construction as well as surface mount clips for mounting to sheet rock or plywood in existing construction.


  • Optional International internal socket bracket for
    use with 45mm sockets
  • Rugged 16 gauge steel back box
  • Black or white 1/16" painted two part cover
  • Simple installation
  • Hardware included
  • Connections and cables are hidden behind cover for a neat install
  • Multiple knockouts in a variety of sizes


• Anywhere a video display is wall mounted!
• Digital Signage            • Electronic Billboards
• Conference Centers     • Museums
• Schools                       • General Meeting Facilities
• Airports                       • Arenas