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On-Floor Wireway

on-floor-wireway on-the-floor

On-Floor Wireway Systems install directly on top of any type of floor

                             ON-FLOOR POWER AND TELECOM SOLUTION     Video Available

The new FSR+Connectrac On-Floor Wireway systems install directly on top of any type of flooring. Extremely durable and low profile, these wireways offer a wide array of power/AV/telecom connectivity options. FSR+Connectrac On-Floor Wireways lead the industry in both ease of installation and capacity for telecom/AV cables. They are the best wireway solution when speed of installation, flexibility and value are critical.


On-Floor Gallery
ON Environ 1 sm ON Environ 2 sm ON Environ 3 sm
ON Environ 4 sm ON Environ 5 sm ON Environ 6 sm


On-Floor Power Options
ON EC1 1 sm PS A1 2 sm ON PS M 3 sm ON PS 4 sm


On-Floor Accessories
ON EC1 1 sm AC WT XX6 1 sm ON C45 2 sm AC GR XX1 3 sm
AC WC 020 AL 4 sm AC WT SV21 5 sm ON COM 6 sm IN AC 7 sm


On Floor Installation With Outlet


Wireway Cap Color Options

Finish AL
Finish GR
Finish ES
Clear Anodized Aluminum Graphite Powder Coat Espresso Powder Coat

 FSR+Connectrac: On Floor Single Duplex Receptacle...

On-Floor Wireway Features

  • Low-profile, durable extruded aluminum wireway
  • Installs directly on top of any type of flooring
  • Multitude of power and telecom / AV options
  • Pre-wired power components speed installation
  • Durable, clear anodized aluminum finish
  • ADA compliant