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FL-500P Covers

FL-500P Back Box wit Euro Outlets

The FL-500P-80MM is a 3" depth floor box that combines rugged construction, an elegant design, and a 45mm bracket to house a universal socket. This floor box is for use in carpet, tile, or wood covered floors over poured concrete applications. This floor box has ample compartment room to accommodate all of the universal outlets in one elegant and practical box.  

Both 1-Gang and 2-Gang versions include a mounting plate with a 45mm opening, rear retaining plate, and are available with or without Wonpro outlets. The connectors snap into the provided plate without any hardware and are designed for ease of installation and a secure fit.

The FL-500P-80MM floor box is CE certified and it's U-Access covers have also passed the latest UL test for scrub water. The lift-off section of the cover allows full access to internal connector plates and stored cables, and the smaller hinged cable access door flips back to create the cable exit. When the floor box is not in use, the cover is completely closed allowing unencumbered travel in the area with only the hand mitered, elegant carpet edge visible. The low-profile edging is 1/4” or 1/2” high and is available in brass or aluminum.

Each floorbox comes with a temporary construction cover. Boxes and covers are sold separately.

FL-500P-80MM Floor Box
18077 FL-500P-80MM FL-500P-3” Euro depth back box
Provided Brackets with FL-500P-80MM
53930 Dual 45mm Socket Frame (Comes assembled with item 54023)
54023 Dual 45mm Mounting Bracket (Comes assembled with item 53930)
54024 6 x IPS Mounting Bracket
54054 FL-500P-80MM Blank International Bracket
54022 FL-500P-3-EU Divider


  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Conference Centers
  • Board Rooms
  • Cruise Ship
  • Anywhere an upscale, richly finished look is required