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There are “mind-game” exercises you can do that allegedly help with memory. Similarly, there are innumerable articles about vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs that claim to enhance memory “vitality.” But one thing is certain when it comes to memory- as you age, your brain becomes less flexible and the world around you becomes more distracting. Short-term memory recollection is compromised and focus is more difficult.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “In 2015, there were 11.8 million college and university students under age 25 and 8.1 million students 25 years old and over.” Also of note, the fastest growing cohort in US colleges and universities is the non-traditional student, which includes students 25 years and older. Students 25 years and older may face obstacles to learning and educational success in colleges and universities that traditionally cater to the traditional student population. We’ve written, prior, about non-traditional student enrollment being an opportunity for growth for colleges and universities with declining enrollment. But these opportunities come with the challenge of retaining this population of students who may not retain information the same as a traditional student.

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Media Vision & FSR Jointly present: An evening exclusively for NYC Area Higher Ed Tech Managers

EdTech Focus

462 7th Ave, 9th Floor, NY, NY
April 9, 2018
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

This event is by invitation only

Keynote: 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Michael Duda, AV Operations Program Manager at Google

Roundtable: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
How do you overcome challenges of discreet systems design and intuitive user interface when confronted with mobile furniture/ seating, open areas, undefined spaces and mixed media venues? Sometimes the most productive discussions can only happen in person! [Fueled by food, beer and wine.]

Join other NYC area college and university tech managers as they share how they address technology requirements for flexible rooms, reconfigurable and event spaces.

Dedicated Networking: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Food and drink provided


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Case Study Dekalb School

Hawthorne Elementary School recently renovated the Media Center. With new furniture, power and data were required at each collaboration table. The tables are used by both students and faculty and are essential for working in groups.

pdf Icon View FSR Smart-Way Case Study - Hawthorne Elementary



Smart Way Supermarket The company recently implemented an initiative to install selfservice check-out stands in its existing stores; an enormous undertaking that required power and data lines to be routed safely, comply with installation regulations, and blend in with each store’s aesthetics.

PDF icon

 View FSR Smart-Way Case Study-Major Supermarket Chain


FSR Case Study Tampa PrepFor more than 40 years, the Tampa Preparatory School’s educational philosophy has been to instill values of fairness, decency, honor, diligence and academic curiosity in its students. In an effort to make technology as seamless as possible for teachers, the school recently decided to replace the previous cumbersome remote control units in its Active Learning Environments with a new solution.

pdfView FSR Case Study -Tampa Preparatory School, FL


FSR Case Study Wahington State University Dugout

Washington State University (WSU) recently decided to create a dedicated area on its Tri-Cities Campus located in Richland, WA where students and faculty could work on projects together, collaborate with others outside of their majors, conduct study groups and host small classes.

pdfView FSR Case Study -Washington State University (WSU) brings a dedicated collaboration area to its “Student Success Area” with the addition of the HuddleVU Collaboration System.



FSR Case Study John Jay picture

The John Jay College Of Criminal Justice (CUNY) included several small-group study rooms within the Lloyd Sealy Library in Haaren Hall, but their dated furniture, and lack of technology held little appeal for students.

pdfView FSR Case Study -John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Commitment to Providing Students Enhanced Group Study Rooms Becomes Reality





FSR Case Study Waldners Digital1

Waldner’s Business Environments was hired to design a multi-use conference/ training/ collaboration space. After some research, they decided that FSR’s HuddleVU Flex system offered the flexibility, ease-of-use and high-end feel that their client required.

pdfView FSR Case Study -When Designing Multi-Use Meeting Rooms…FLEXibility Is Key




straz center

Straz Center for the Performing Arts was built in 1926 and recently recognized that its 10-year old complicated and costly control system had aged far beyond maturity to obsolescence. It needed to be replaced…

pdfView FSR Case Study – A Complete Control Overhaul for the Straz Center for the Performing Arts



FSR FLEX LT Case Study Muhlenberg College 300x169

The staff at the Muhlenberg College wanted to optimize every bit of space on their very traditional campus by creating an area where students could heighten their learning experience as well as work together in smaller
assignment oriented groups.

pdfView FSR Case Study – Muhlenberg College- Media & Communications Building


tech team at Muhlenberg College


Watch this fascinating video about how the tech team at Muhlenberg College transformed an unused space in to a technology-rich collaboration/group study room that both students and faculty can use at any time, unaided.




FSR Installation Spotlight Princeton Academy final


FSR’s HuddleVU Collaboration System Influences Behavior in a Pre-K through Grade 8 Environment at the Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart.

pdfView FSR Case Study – Installation Spotlight Princeton Academy






FSR Case Study San Joquin Excel Academy

Audio Visual and control systems must promise flexibility and reliability whenever needed. FSR’s FLEX seamlessly connects large multi-use spaces for San Joaquin Office of Education’s Excel Academy.

pdfView FSR Case Study – San Joaquin Excel Academy





IMGP1735 300x201


FSR’s FLEX is the solution for an over the top renovation of Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s domed theater.

pdfView FSR Case Study OMSI




Alpha Nat Res
Flexible spaces and modular classrooms can sometime pose a technology design problem. FSR’s FLEX is used to seamlessly control equipment no matter how the rooms are configured.

pdfView FSR Case Study – Alphas Natural Resources




Outside the box EDU


Northeastern University has used FSR floor boxes as their default
connectivity solution for years.

pdfView FSR Q&A – Outside the Box- Northeastern University


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