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Floor Box - FL-200 Series Boxes and Covers

fl-200-4- 4.25” deep back box

FL-200 Boxes
FL-200 Covers

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The new FL-200 pour-in-place floor box series is designed to provide a smaller box option for those instal-lations that do not require the additional internal space available in the  larger FL-500P and FL-600P boxes.

The FL-200 Series consists of 2 box designs. The 3” back box has 2 single gang compartments of different volumes and is a perfect 2 trade box. The compartments are independent of one another so that the smaller com-partment can be used for high voltage while the larger one is used for low voltage connections.

The 4” back box has a single Decora opening for data or power connections on one side and on the other side there are two different internal brackets available. It ships with a bracket that mounts standard size electrical plates that accommodate a 2 gang plate or can be split into 2 single gang openings with isolation. The second bracket, the MMS-FL200-4, ordered separately, has a 2 gang opening for mounting modified digital media devices (Crestron/AMX) that require more room behind the plate.

The FL-200 Series covers are designed to match those on the FL-500P and FL-600P Series floor boxes. This provides visual continuity in installations where FL-200’s are installed along with FL-500P’s and FL-600P’s. The covers meet UL scrub water requirements for tile and carpet installations and feature easy tool free access as well as a fold down cable exit door which allows the cover to be closed with cables exiting the box.


•    3” and 4“ Deep Back Boxes
•    3” Back Box has 2 single gang Decora compartments
•    4” Back Box accommodates extra deep devices from Hubble, Crestron, AMX and others with use of MMS-FL200-4 Bracket
•    Large Variety of covers to choose from
•    UL Tile and Carpet Scrub Water Rating
•    Made in the USA
•    All steel construction

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